Biggest and most obvious item webpage. Finally updated it after 2 years.

2 paintings were included in an online gallery based out of Beaux Arts Brampton. "Perspectives" and "Ganesha".

Beaux Arts Virtual Gallery
Current Projects

Started a portrait of a relative from Rajasthan. Her face was mezmerizing and felt like the first image I have wanted to paint in over a year.

"Perspectives" is complete. Tryed something a little different with a humorous scene. It took a while to figure out the central portrait, but a Picasso seemed to fit the scene well.

When looking at this, I find it difficult to remember that the whole image is a painting. Its almost like the Picasso is tricking people to see it as a painting and the rest is just normal... The Picasso was picked because it reminds the viewer that one thing can be seen from different positions, and it seems to define how people see this painting as well.

Status: About 40 hours of work over 19 sessions.

18" x 24", Oil on Canvas Completed: 30 Dec 2022