Two paintings have been successfully entered into a juried exhibit: Headwaters Arts: Fall Festival 2021

With Covid, most exhibits have shifted to online while we wait everything out. This one will have paintings on walls of their gallery from Sept 15 through Oct 3. Hopefully people in the GTA will go, have a great time and see some great artwork.

Images accepted: "Arab-Ki-Sarab Gateway, India" and "Technology: The Great Distractor"

Current Projects

"Bravery Found" has been restarted after the canvas's long wait in a Michigan basement. The image is difficult to explain, but essentially it lays out a simple concept which is excessively difficult to accept: "True bravery is separating ourselves from our own burdens of life, be it issues in our life, or events which negatively impact us years later. What is holding you back from moving on with life? You know how to unlock the chain, but are you brave enough to actually separate yourself and redefine an existance without it and live free from the burden?" It is hope and dispair, fear and freedom composed in a question which seems so simple.

Status: Blocking in grisaille is nearing completion. Project will not be video recorded.

Update: A couple sessions have been spent reshaping the initial block in. Total time is roughly 6 hours from blank canvas to current state.

Item #5 in series: UNESCO World Heritage, India. Agra's Red Fort has featured in many movies and is an amazing location.

Status: Blocking in grisaille is complete. Coloration of background buildings complete.

Update: Video of buildings pending voice recording. Started work on detailing the roof which includes intitial stages of glazing shadows.
48" x 24", Oil on Canvas ~50 hours in as of 18 Jun 2021
YouTube: Block-in thoughts and Timelapse.