I am the featured artist by Beaux Arts Brampton on 26 July and will be at their Farmer's Market booth in Brampton in September. Should be a good time and will have some prints available.

Current Projects

"Fuzzy's Portrait" is underway. Trying something a little different with a humorous scene. Not sure what will be on the central canvas yet, but will be fun imagining what a teddybear would paint as a portrait.

Status: Third Session complete: background mostly finished, grisaille of forground underway.

Update: About 8 hours of work over 3 sessions.
18" x 24", Oil on Canvas ~8 hours in as of 17 Jul 2022

Item #5 in series: UNESCO World Heritage, India. Agra's Red Fort has featured in many movies and is an amazing location.

Progress Status: On hold until I can clear my head by completing other projects.

Status: Blocking in grisaille is complete. Coloration of background buildings complete.

Update: Working on details in the columns.
48" x 24", Oil on Canvas ~56 hours in as of 26 Mar 2022
YouTube: Block-in thoughts and Timelapse.